The New L’Oréal Paradise Mascara – Is It Worthy Its Internet Rave? | Review With Photos


Hello my lovelies!

I’ve missed you so, so much since the last time we interacted – and truth be told, that was a long time ago! Today I want to show you a mascara I bought a month or two ago in France, which I see has now gotten its way into Croatia as well, and in quite  a feathery style, if I’m not wrong!

The product in question is the newest lash baby from L’Oreal: Paradise Extatic. I remember I saw it coming to UK on a Youtube channel somewhere around summer, and I went all the way I could in order to find it here in Luxembourg. Luckily, I did find it in Paris in the end, so I immediately grabbed one, and went straight to pay for it and be on my way out. I guess it was so new on drugstore shelves over there as well, because even the cashier lady asked me what was it exactly as she hadn’t seen it before (I mean you work here, gurl, you should know it! :’) ).



Not to dwell too much on the background story, the reviews on this one were everywhere and ever so promising.


The whole beauty community raved how it’s an awesome product, such a bargain/dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara (and just for this reason I bought that one the same day, too), a must have etc etc. Well, you wanna know my judgment?


At first I wasn’t happy. At all. I don’t know if I’m such a jinx that I managed to grab an old/bad product (I highly doubt that, as they came in a cardboard packaging so no one was able to open it before me – or at least I hope so), but it seemed to me that the formula was very, very dry. Like it was already dying and it got dried out a bit too much – that dry. Multiple layers were needed in order to apply it evenly, and it was all a little bit clumpy on top of lashes. To make it worse, I sometimes find those tiny clumps falling off during the day on my cheeks or underneath eyebrows.



The brush is marketed as hourglass-shaped (much like the Too Faced one), but you can hardly tell there are any curves. It is significantly smaller though compared to Too Faced, which I find quite advantageous actually. This average sized brush meant no smudging everywhere around the eye while applying, and everything was more neat and in held in control.

A gigantic thing I like about it is that it curls and elongates my lashes so, so much – I have never seen a single mascara do it on this level!

Additionally, the bristles are so well made that you can separate respective lashes much more than with other mascaras, which overall made me think that now my lashes in person look like false lashes! (It’s hard to capture that in a flat, 2D photo, but you can imagine.) And I shouldn’t forget to mention, it contains some ricinus (castor seed) oil – not a lot because it’s quite at the bottom of the ingredient list, but still – it’s something.






Of course, the dry formula had to be fixed somehow, because I saw the potential in it and was just too sad to throw it away without getting the hype that was going about it all around the internet. And you know what? I opened a new pack of reguar lubricating eye drops, and popped down the mascara tube just a few drops, maybe three. Closed it back, swirled a bit and voila – the perfect mascara is here! Well, almost perfect, I still get those tiny balls of dry clumps every now and then. In spite of it, it is still much more stable and less prone to smudging against skin during the day than a Too Faced or a Maybelline one.

Its performance is, despite all aforementioned negatives, so good that suddenly a newly opened Maybelline Lash Sensational – which was, up until now, my favourite one – feels so… poor, I guess?

Like, where’s the volume? Where’s the blackest black shade? How did I even…? You know what, I’m waiting for the first 30% off in drugstores, and then stocking up the Paradise mascara. Zombie apocalypse stocks. Yep. That, and some eye drops.

Quantity: 6,4 ml; price: ~ 14 €.




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Have you tried this mascara already? How was your experience using it?

Cydonia :*

  • Ana-Marija Grgić

    Već sam mislila da sam luda. Nije mi uopće bilo jasno zašto meni ne odgovara, a svi o njoj pričaju samo najbolje.
    Inače volim kad mi se maskara malo posuši, onda mi je lakše s njom baratati, al ova je suha otkako ju izvadiš iz kartončića.
    Hvala što si potvrdila da nisam luda, ali vidim, nisam ni toliko napredna da ubacim malo umjetnih suza u nju 😀
    U svakom slučaju dat ću prilku kapima za oči pa da vidimo koliko je bolja.
    Nisam ni očkivala da je bolja od TF-a, mislim da je to više do pakovanja i četkice.

    U svakom slučaju hvala ti na recenziji, već sam se počela brinuti da su amerikanke totalno drugačije od nas ako im ona odgovara ‘:D

    ananana2501 – tvoja tiha ig pratiteljica